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There are many misconceptions when it comes to adopting a pet from an animal shelter in Kellogg MN 55945. These misconceptions cause many great animals to be overlooked and often put down because nobody in Kellogg MN 55945 wants them. This article will take a look at a couple of the fallacies and attempt to dispel them.

The first false fact we will look at is the idea that shelter pets are not healthy. This could not be further from the truth. Animal shelters in Kellogg MN 55945 are full of volunteers and strict guidelines to ensure that each and every pet is as healthy as can be. Only when it is will that pet be put up for adoption. On the other end of the spectrum, if you buy a pet from a store, odds are good it comes from some sort of animal mill and is far more likely to be unhealthy than those in shelters.

The next fallacy is that pets in shelters must have bad temperaments;
otherwise they would not be there. Once again, this is so untrue. When an animal comes into a shelter it is tested for temperament before being put up for adoption in Kellogg MN 55945. If it has any behavioral issues, staff and volunteers will work with him or her to overcome them. However, most of the time this is not even necessary, as the majority of these pets are super loving and affectionate and make wonderful additions to a family. They just need a chance.

The next myth is perpetuated by people in Kellogg MN 55945 who want a purebred animal and think they cannot find one at a shelter. There are oodles of purebred pets at animal shelters. Sometimes it may just take a little bit of searching to find one that interests you. But they are there if someone is looking for them.

One last myth we will bust is that shelter in Kellogg MN 55945 pets do not get along with other animals. Every animal is different, so in some
cases this could be true. However most of the time it is not. Especially when a pet has been in foster care, it often is around other pets and gets along with them just fine. This is true of children too. The best way to find this out is to have an introduction between the shelter pet and the other pets or children in the household. Then you can be sure everybody will get along.

Some additional advantages of adopting your new fur-baby from a shelter in Kellogg MN 55945 is that it will already be spayed or neutered.
Therefore it will not produce any unwanted babies, nor will it try to leave its mark all over the house. Your new pet will also have had all of its required vaccinations and have had any medical issues resolved before it leaves the shelter. All of these things are usually taken into consideration in the pet’s adoption fee.

When you adopt a shelter pet in Kellogg MN 55945, you are giving a second chance at a love-filled life to a much-deserving pet. Your new cat or dog will be so happy you are taking him or her home that it will bond with the rest of the family pretty much instantly. You will have a loving family member for the remainder of its life. What more could you ask for?

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